The last thing most people want to do after moving is to dive right back into the stack of boxes–some of which you just packed the day before–and go through the whole process in reverse. Some moving tips can actually work against you here. If you had luggage, essential toiletries and electronics, and some food ready to go, it can be easy to just move the boxes out of your way and relax for a few hours. Or days. And even if you get a few rooms unpacked, how soon do you expect company in your guest room? Do you need to clear out the garage right away?

It’s easy to procrastinate, but here are some ways to finish the last step of moving: unpacking.

Set a Deadline

Make sure you have a time when you want everything done, and see if you can make it a social occasion. For example, throw a housewarming party a few weeks after you’ve moved in, invite people over for a holiday, or get your parents to drop by some weekend. Knowing that other people will be there is a great way to motivate yourself to work. If it’s not convenient to have a get-together, look at other important dates, like going on vacation, or when school or your jobs starts, or a major holiday. Whatever the date, it should be something important enough that you won’t forget.

Start Somewhere, Anywhere

Moving plans are good things, and a well-thought-out plan should include a schedule of what rooms you want to unpack, and when. But it can seem stressful to follow the plan exactly. So instead, just pick a place to start. For example, if you’re having to dodge around boxes in your bedroom when you’re going to sleep, rather than moving them around, unpack one. But when you get started, make as much progress as you can–try to unpack everything in that room before you give up.

Work Every Day, But Not All Day

Don’t give yourself days off from unpacking until the job’s done. But don’t overwhelm yourself with a full day of work. Schedule some time, around an hour or two, and devote that to unpacking. Really, unless you have a whole lot of stuff, you won’t need more than that time to finish a room, and the steady pace will help you feel accomplished. The habit can carry over to unscheduled time as well. If you need to get a specific box to find some important papers, might as well unpack the entire box while you’re at it. If this happens outside of your scheduled unpacking time, great. You can stop with just one box, and you’re still ahead of the game.

Get Some Help

If you have friends or family nearby who won’t stress you out if they see your place a bit messy, maybe ask for a hand. This is especially useful if you need to assemble some furniture or hang things. Two or three people can finish a room faster than one, and you’ll have plenty of time to chat and joke around to make the process seem more fun.

And if after all these tips you still feel like it’s too big a job, remember that Gerber Moving & Storage is always here to help at both ends of the move.