In 1921, Arthur Gerber was a grocery store owner with a truck used to haul and deliver his goods. He continually took requests from his customers for use of his truck to move various items for them. As these requests ncame more and more frequent, he began charging a small fee for his truck and his own time. Before long Arthur was out of the grocery business and into the moving business.

All of his business came by word of mouth. He was a very conscientious man who believed in treating people fairly.

Arthur Gerber started Gerber Moving and Storage as a response to community needs. In the 1950s, he passed the business on to his son Arnold Gerber. Under his leadership, the company flourished in the local moving market and the delivery service area, where their major account was Southwestern Bell Telephone.[clearboth]

Today, Arnold’s sons and grandson oversee the family business that Arthur and Arnold worked so hard to build.

At Gerber, we take pride in the legacy of our family moving your family.