Whether it is an often-played musical instrument, or merely a family heirloom, you want to be certain your piano is cared for when it comes time to move. Because a piano holds delicate mechanical parts and strings under high tension, it shouldn’t be moved like just another piece of furniture. Here’s how to make sure your instrument arrives safely at its new home, whether you’re moving across Kansas City, or across the country:

Hire an Experienced Piano MoverPiano movers in Kansas City relocating a grand piano

Even the staunch Do-It-Yourselfer needs to think twice before moving a piano. The smallest upright can be incredibly heavy and awkward to maneuver.  You will want a professional piano mover who is experienced and has the proper equipment. A qualified piano mover will:

  • Know specific techniques for manipulating an instrument and hire help accordingly
  • Wrap the instrument securely in padded blankets
  • Use a grand board designed specifically for moving grand pianos and know how to position it properly
  • Have access to customized, piano-moving trucks
  • Know how to safely remove legs and pedal harps, secure the keyboard lid and protect your floors from scratches and drag marks

At Gerber Moving & Storage, we have years of experience in moving fine instruments. In fact, when Steinway & Sons brought its 500,000th piano to Kansas City, they trusted Gerber to receive and transport this valuable instrument during its tour.

Prepare Your Piano Mover

The success of your move will depend on how prepared your mover is. Here are the facts to have ready:

  • What is the type and size of the piano? Take measurements and be specific. An “upright” can be anywhere from 3 feet to 5 feet tall, for example.
  • How many stairs will the piano move over? Don’t guess! And don’t forget to count landings as a step. This very important information will help your piano mover determine the number of people and equipment, such as ramps, they will need.
  • Are there difficult turns? Let your piano mover know ahead of time about tight turns, curved or L-shaped staircases, etc.

Let Your Piano Rest!

Changes in temperature and humidity will affect your instrument so don’t be alarmed if it goes out of tune after a move. Piano technicians recommend letting a piano adjust to its new home for at least a month before tuning.

Gerber Moving & Storage offers a full range of moving services. If you are looking for a Kansas City piano mover to safely deliver your instrument to a new home, give us a call at 913-441-8550.