Expecting A New Baby While Moving/Gerber Moving & Storage, Inc.

Photo by Aaron McIntyre

Moving to somewhere new in Kansas or Missouri while expecting a new baby can definitely complicate things and, no matter how supportive your family is, comes with it’s own unique challenges. Here are some ideas for coping:

Find your new doctor beforehand

If you’re moving from another state, finding a doctor or hospital that supports your desires is important. Midwives, doulas, or natural birthing centers are becoming more available all the time, but if you find yours early you’ll have the best choice for your needs. Do your homework before your big move.

Know your own limits

Your doctor will be able to recommend what you can expect to do in terms of your participation in lifting anything or traveling on a long trip. Be realistic and conservative about your limits. A 12 hour road trip might not be the best idea, so be prepared to make other arrangements for your big move.

Schedule extra breaks for water, snacks, and rests

Hydration will help in assisting you from experiencing any Braxton-Hicks contractions, so keep water with you at all times. When you’re expecting a new baby, don’t feel bad if you really need to take breaks to take care of yourself.

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