So you pulled off the sale of the century-now, what do you do with the things that didn’t find a home with someone else?

Some thrift stores have a donation program which earns you coupons off new stuff-you know-the stuff you actually need (!)  If you’re moving out of town, you could give the coupon to someone who really helped you with your sale.  If you’re moving within the same area you might consider consignment shops for pricier items and jewelry.  Another idea is to donate your unsold stuff to a neighbor who will be having a sale soon, especially if they helped you with yours.  If you just don’t feel you have the time to deal with it, many civic and charitable organizations will gladly stop by and take usable stuff off your hands.

Depositphotos_30763511_mHere are some types of organizations you can donate to:

  • Crisis centers for women and children
  • City missions/Salvation Army
  • Womens’ employment assistance (business clothing and accessories)
  • Animal shelters (pet stuff, old blankets)
  • Places that accept car donations for a tax write-off (Edsels, Pintos, etc.)

And from now on, try to limit your impulsive spending which got you all this stuff in the first place.  Just kidding-have fun buying new stuff to put in your new home!