boy_sitting_in_park_in_fall_213210So you’ve made the big move and are all unpacked.  After taking enough time to recuperate from that, it’s now time to get to know your new neighborhood and city.  Whether you’ve got children and/or pets, or are just happily on your own, the sooner you jump in and explore your new surroundings, the better.  Here are a few good ideas to get you going on your new adventure.

Going for long walks with children and pets. You can start being seen by taking nice, long walks around your neighborhood and being alert to anyone who might show an interest in introducing themselves. This will begin to give you a feel for things and give your neighbors a chance to get to know you, too.

Asking neighbors for referrals for needed items/activities. Once you start to make a few friends, these same people will be great resources for getting referred to shops and stores you might be needing to get services from in the future. Most people prefer the idea of finding services by this method.

Visiting the nearest public park. Parents in your neighborhood probably visit the nearest parks on a frequent basis, making them a great place to get to know one another. This could also prove to be a good resource for exchanging child and pet caretaking services.

Attending neighborhood block parties. If you happen to catch wind of these try to at least make an appearance and introduce yourself. You might end up finding some neighbors you really click with.

Visiting the local Farmer’s Market. These are great places to familiarize yourself with some aspects of your city that lie outside of your immediate neighborhood, as well as good resources for fresh local produce and products.

Utilizing just a few of these ideas will help you and/or your family to feel right at home.