Panoramic of Kansas CityWhen it’s time to find a new place to live, you have to consider all kinds of details. What is the job market like? What’s the cost of living? How bad will your commute be? Will there be good schools for your kids? And of course, no one should forget the intangibles like how good is the food, and how will you be entertained?

Kansas City and its suburbs are becoming a more well-known destination for companies and people looking for new opportunities. Bloomberg has ranked KCMO as one of the 15 top cities to live in, and many of its suburbs right across the state line Kansas are also considered great places to live. Some of the top reasons to move to this city are:

Afford That Dream Home

The median home price in KCMO is around $135,000, lower than the state average, which means you can find a great, roomy house for less than many metro areas. Even the richest suburbs are reasonable; Overland Park, KS has a median home price of $225,000. If you’ve always wanted a yard and a lot of rooms, this is the place to look.

Reasonable Cost of Living

The cost of living is about 9% less than the national average. With a median household income of nearly $60,000, this means you can afford the lifestyle you want while saving some money. There are several business coming to this area, with tech startups leading the way.

Great Schools

Some of the best schools in either Kansas or Missouri can be found in the metro area, including Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley. There are several top-notch colleges nearby as well, from Kansas University just down the road in Lawrence, KS, the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, and the KU Medical Center in Kansas City itself. A variety of community colleges and prep schools round out the selection.

Better Commute Than Most Cities

While rush hour is hairy in any town, KCMO and its suburbs have worked hard to keep the commutes as short as possible. Traffic usually takes no more than 20-30 minutes to get from one side of town to the other. In the downtown area, recent public transportation improvements include more buses and bringing back streetcars.

Great Places to Eat

While Kansas City is known for its excellent barbecue, with more great BBQ spots than can easily be listed, although you can’t go wrong with Joe’s Kansas City, Fiorella’s Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant’s, or Gates. But there’s a much wider selection of food available than just pulled pork, brisket or ribs every night (although no one will blame you for eating that kind of thing every few days). From innovative new styles of restaurants, classic favorites, and diverse options from tapas, steak, dim sum, or pizza and everything in-between, it’s possible to eat out every night and never get have a bad meal or get bored.

It’s a Sports Town

Major league teams such as the Royals baseball, the Chiefs football, and Sporting Kansas City’s soccer are big draws all year long. If it’s college sports you’re after, MU football and KU basketball are among the best around. The Kansas Speedway also beckons for race fans. There are a large number of sports clubs and parks for your kids to join in the fun.

Plenty of Culture and Nightlife

Downtown Kansas City is known for its Power & Light district, a hub of nightclubs and brewpubs, and no one should miss out on the historic Westport district. Shopping includes the famous Crown Center Plaza, Zona Rosa, or the Legends. There are live theaters everywhere, and venues for concerts from the well-known Beaumont Club or Davey’s Uptown to the big shows at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater or the Sprint Center. If your tastes run to fine art, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art are renowned, and there are many other great museums, such as the American Jazz Museum or the World War Museum.

Whatever draws you here, remember that Gerber Moving and Storage is always ready to help you relocate to our city.