Happy family with cardboard boxes moving in a new homeUnless you move frequently, planning and executing a move may be something you haven’t done in a long time. Here are some tips to help your family prepare for the big day:

Be Onsite – You must be present the entire time movers are onsite. If you can’t be there personally, you will need to ask someone else to monitor on your behalf. In addition to being available to answer questions and supervise the work, there are important papers that you will need to sign.

Support the Movers – Take care of the people who are handling your most valuable items! Water and snacks are greatly appreciated. If it’s cold outside, hot beverages will go over well. If you are satisfied with your team, it is customary to tip the movers.

Arrange for Pets & Children – Moving can be overwhelming for pets and small children. Arrange to have them cared for away from the home so they will neither interfere nor get injured as large items are carried out.

Consider the Neighbors – While you can’t avoid all inconveniences, you can minimize the impact of your move:

  • Make sure truck or furniture isn’t blocking neighbors’ driveways
  • Keep movers from walking on neighbors’ lawns or through flowerbeds
  • Don’t leave trash or discarded furniture on the street when you leave

Confirm Delivery Arrangements – Before your movers leave, the foreman will confirm your contact information so they can stay in touch with you as your items are transported. Make sure you know whom to contact for updates on arrival times and delivery schedules.

Say Goodbye – Save time to clean the empty home and prepare it for a new family. When you leave, make sure windows and doors are closed and locked. If you feel it is appropriate, you may want to let children visit the empty home and point out that their things will be at their new home soon so they are not worried about leaving their favorite toys and lovies behind.

Gerber Moving & Storage is a family business that loves taking care of your family during the sometimes-difficult process of a move. Contact us for more information about how we can help you move into your new home.