It can be exciting and overwhelming, both, when moving a household to a new home.  When moving with children, it can be even more so. Here are some tips to help moving day go more smoothly for your whole family:

Keep the Kids in the Loop

HappyFamilyFeaturedChildren will be more fearful if they feel surprised by or unprepared for a change as big as moving to a new home. Even older children and teenagers will be more comfortable if they are included in the planning:

  • Include children in age-appropriate decisions: Let kids share their opinions about the new homes you are looking at to purchase or give them a say in which room will become theirs. Have family meetings to talk through planning.
  • Get them excited about their new home: Pick new paint colors or maybe a new bedspread to look forward to. If possible, visit a park or nearby swimming pool to show them the fun things they’ll be able to do.
  • Prepare them for moving day:  Walk through through exactly what will happen and set expectations. Give them a specific job (such as sweeping the front walk after the movers leave) or an item to be responsible for (such as a small suitcase of their favorite toys) to help them feel like part of the project.

Plan for Moving Day

When the big truck and movers arrive, you will need to be available for questions and paperwork. Children will need to be kept away from movers manipulating heavy objects. A little planning will help you enjoy the move more:

  • Hire a sitter: You may decide that leaving children with friends away from the home or hiring a sitter is the best way to free your attention.
  • Prepare a “moving kit”: If your children must be in the house during packing and loading, confine them to a single room with books, lovies, toys, or portable movie players to keep them entertained. Take the kit with you for delivery day!
  • Pack snacks: Loading or unloading a household can take all day. Pack a cooler, snacks, and picnic food for children so you do not have to leave the house to eat. (Remember! Your fridge will be unplugged and your pantries empty.)

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