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Image by Shanna Trim

Most military families have to deal with a PCS, or permanent change of station. You may have moved more times than you’ve cared to, but there are some things military families can do before relocating to make things run a little smoother. Most importantly, make sure you know all the regulations surrounding your move, so you can plan accordingly and stay away from unforeseen problems.

Call your Personal Property Office (PPO)

Set an appointment with them and ask them for information relating to your move. Before you go take time to do some of your own research. Despite numerous moves you may have made, no two moves are alike and your new station or regulations will change and affect each move in a different way.

Contact Your New Command and Sponsor

When you have PCS orders in hand, a new command will assign a sponsor to help with your transition. If you do not receive this information within a reasonable amount of time, contact your new command. You might check into their website for relevant information. Your sponsor is really important if you’re moving overseas and they will be responsible for informing you of host-country rules and customs. It will be important to know which belongings you are allowed to bring.

Be in Charge of Your Move

You will have enough assistance throughout your move but you are still responsible for the planning of it. Stay involved in the process, know all the rules and regulations and make sure you make arrangements a month ahead.

Know What You’re Entitled To

There is a maximum weight you can move at the government’s expense, an amount that is based upon your personal situation and rank. If you go over that limit, you will be responsible for paying the extra charges. To be on the safe side, assume you have 1,000 pounds per room, then add the additional weights of large appliances and items.

Learn What Personal Effects You Can Bring

Personal effects and property are referred to as household goods, or HHG. These usually fall within your weight allowance and should not incur additional cost. Items such as boats may not qualify. Some carriers have restrictions and there may be local ordinances for certain items. You can check out the Defense Transportation Regulations website for a complete guide on determining what you are able to bring at no additional charge.

As a final note, be sure you have all the proper paperwork filled out and ready to present, as well as copies of your PCS orders, powers of attorney or authorization letters, appraisals of high-value items, video or photo documentation of inventory, and insurance policies.

Gerber Moving and Storage is committed to making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. If you have more questions or want to book your military move today, head to our website or give us a call at 800-972-3102. We will set you up with a personal move coordinator who will help you keep your move organized, no matter when it needs to happen.