Experience Counts

Gerber Moving & Storage, based in metropolitan Kansas City, has moved families and businesses for more than 80 years.

Moving across town or across the country? Gerber can help. We also offer storage, boxes and packing supplies, piano and pool table moving, and much more.

Types of Moves

We’ll pack and move you just about anywhere your family wants to go—local or long distance

Our professionals use specialized equipment necessary to carry out efficient office moves

Gerber has the muscle to move the heavy stuff and the finesse to handle your “precious cargo”

Individual owners and many Kansas City area music stores trust us to move their instruments

Our Special Services

We own and operate a 72,000-sq. ft. modern, containerized storage facility for temporary and long term storage.

We plan and organize complex moves for families and businesses, so everything goes smoothly for you.

We select industry-standard boxes for each item and protect each item with the right packing materials.

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