Man carrying a box during his Kansas City office moveYour office contains some of your most important assets, so you want to make sure they are protected during a move, even if you are only relocating across the Kansas City Metro. Whether you are packing yourself, or your commercial moving company is doing the packing for you, here are some tips about the right way to prepare the different types of items you may find in your business:

Desks and bookcases – You will need to remove everything from bookcases and desk drawers before they can be moved. Pack books and desk supplies securely in well-labeled boxes. Hint! Put small, loose items such as paperclips, pins, pens, etc. in sealed plastic bags before you put them in a box.

Electrical equipment – Office equipment requires special consideration. Check manufacturer recommendations carefully when preparing copiers, printers, and computers for relocation.

  • Photocopiers  – You will need to remove all liquids and accessories such as toner fluid, paper trays and feeders. Secure all moving parts such as the copier lid.
  • Rental Equipment – Rental companies may have specific requirements for moving rented equipment. Be sure to check your rental agreement and contact your vendor to inform them of the relocation.
  • Water Dispensers – Remove water bottles, disconnect water lines, and make sure to drain hoses and reservoirs.

Filing Cabinets – You do not need to empty filing cabinets, but do make sure they are locked, or secured with tape or strings, so drawers don’t open. Security files must be locked during a move. Make sure you work with your commercial mover to follow all security regulations.

Personal Possessions – You will need to move personal possessions yourself. Items such as legal papers, checks and money, and plants are not the responsibility of the movers.

Gerber Moving & Storage offers a full range of packing services, including custom-built crates for non-standard items and even unpacking. If you are looking for a Kansas City commercial mover to safely get your office up and running in a new location, give us a call at 913-441-8550.