Yard Sale before a Move

By Jimmyjazz

One of the best ways to de-clutter before a move is to organize a big sale and make some extra money, which allows you to get rid of a significant amount of junk and gives you a fresh start at your new home in Kansas or Missouri. Sales do take a little planning but don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Here’s some great tips for having a great sale:

Before the big day:

Clear out space to store items and supplies you will use. Save moving large pieces of furniture to the sale area until the day before the sale.

Get your stuff together

If the clothes don’t fit, don’t wear ‘em! Let go of outgrown or broken toys, items you’ve never used, merchandise you never returned, and other similar items no longer useful to you. Making sure items are clean will help them sell much better. Hang up clothing so people can easily browse through it and set items up off the ground on tables so no one has to bend over.

Find a good date for your sale

Make your sale day a few weeks out. Weekend days work best since most people will be out and around taking care of errands and such. Open early in the morning and run late into the afternoon.

Make a bunch of signs

And be sure the lettering is BIG, simple and easy to read-they can’t find it if they can’t read it. It helps to put an arrow on the sign. Put signs at all large intersections and well-traveled streets.

Remember the little things

Like having change on hand, extra labels, a calculator, bags and boxes and something to keep your money in. If you have some music playing it will make the day go by faster and adds fun to the atmosphere.

Advice for easy change-making

It will keep prices easy to understand, to add up and to make change if they are all $.25 increments. Group like items together and make sure you price things a little higher than you would expect someone to pay for them in order to give you some room to haggle.

With these and other tips available on https://gerbertransfer.com/ your garage sale will be a success! Gerber Moving and Storage can help you with every step of your moving process.