While most people would rather not move during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays, sometimes you just can’t avoid doing so. Many movers get asked whether they have crews or trucks available over these holidays. The usual stress of moving gets added to trying to make sure everyone has the best holiday possible. However, there are ways to try to minimize that stress.


Have that holiday dinner with the family. It’s a great excuse to stop packing or loading things, and if you really can’t let a day go by with no work getting done, you can make your guests “pay” for their meal by helping organize, pack, or load one box each. It’s also fun to go to someone else’s house, or out to eat at a restaurant and get away from the work for a while. Plus, it’s an opportunity to relax and complain good-naturedly about what you’re doing. Also, if you have kids, they can help decorate around the boxes and moving pads.

Because you have to relax for at least part of the holiday, you might as well plan out extra time to enjoy yourself. If your family is into football, or watches a movie or show during most holidays, give yourself the time to do that.

Plan Out Dinner

Because you’re moving, you’re going to have a solid plan, represented by your to-do list. Might as well keep going with dinner. If you’re hosting, try to offload as much of the cooking as you can to others. If you’re going to dinner somewhere else, figure out when and how you’ll make the dishes you’ve got to bring. The interesting thing is that when you do something different with the dinner, most people will remember it fondly, for longer.

Be Patient

Some things just aren’t going to be possible to arrange during the holidays. You know that no one will be available for anything on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, so just block those out of your schedule. Since you can’t rent a truck, get movers to your place, or have anyone show up at the new place, just arrange your expectations appropriately. Know when you can get back to work and then don’t worry about things until then.

This also applies to getting work done. Sure, you might be able to pack another box or clean something else while the turkey roasts in the oven or the family touch football game is happening out back, but you can take the time off and not overwork yourself. Adding to your own stress won’t help you get done any faster. It’s the season to be merry, so let yourself enjoy it.

Gerber Moving & Storage wishes you happy holidays.