Residents in the Kansas City metro area know there are plenty of reasons they like it here. There are great places to eat, a good night life, cool sports teams to root for, and nice places to live. One thing that might not get enough attention is just how affordable the town is. Compared to other big cities in the Midwest such as Chicago, living Kansas City just makes financial sense.

KC, in fact, is pretty right in the middle of the national average cost of living. Most of the big cities in the country rank higher, and in general the cities that are cheaper are also smaller and less centrally-located. Here are some specific examples of what it costs to live here, in case you’re thinking about relocating.


  • Meals at normal sit-down restaurants: about $10-12 per person
  • Mid-range three-course meal: about $25-30 per plate
  • Fast food: $7-8 per person
  • Milk: $3.20/gallon
  • Bread: $2.13
  • Apples: $1.93/lb
  • Eggs: $2.66/dozen
  • Ground beef: $3.66/lb


  • Streetcar (limited range): free
  • Bus (one-way): $1.50
  • Taxi: $2/mile
  • Gasoline: $2.25/gallon
  • Toyota Corolla (or equivalent): $21,000


  • 1-bedroom Apartment, Expensive: $950
  • 1-bedroom Apartment, Normal: $725
  • 3-bedroom Apartment, Expensive: $1,500
  • 3-bedroom Apartment, Normal: $1,100
  • House, median price: $189,000
  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water, sewage): $200/2-bedroom apartment
  • Internet: $60


  • Movie tickets: $12/person
  • Theater: $50/person
  • Royals Baseball tickets: $27
  • Cocktails: $9
  • Beer: $4.50
  • Fitness Club: $38