Kansas City SummerAs you probably know, the busiest moving season of the year is summer.

To ensure a smooth summer relocation to your new home in Kansas or Missouri, plan well ahead by reserving your Gerber movers and storage options far in advance. Double check moving dates as weekends and the end of the month are usually the busiest times to move, even in other seasons. It will make things easier if you are flexible enough to move in the middle of the week and the month. If at all possible, avoid Memorial Day Weekend and also the last weekend in July, as these are known to be very busy dates all over the country. After reserving your moving dates more than two months out, confirm them by following up at least a month out.

Gerber Moving and Storage is committed to making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, no matter when you decide to do it. If you have more questions or want to book your summer move today head to our website https://gerbertransfer.com/ or give us a call at 800-972-3102. We will set you up with a personal move coordinator who will help you keep your move organized, no matter how far away or soon it is.