How to Prepare for Business Relocation/Gerber Moving & Storage, Inc.Business relocation can be a stressful event. After moving many Kansas City businesses, small and large, we have learned a few things about how you can help your commercial move go smoothly and efficiently:

Appoint a single point of contact – If possible, authorize one person to organize the move from beginning to end. A single point of contact will increase efficiency in communication with your moving company, and streamline decisions.

Make a floor plan – Take measurements, draw a detailed floor plan of where furniture, plants and equipment will go in your new space. This process creates incentive to make decisions ahead of time about office assignments and traffic flow. It will also confirm that your furniture and equipment will actually fit!

Prepare your new location – The day before you move, hang signs or labels to help your commercial movers recognize what items will go in each room without having to ask or look things up. Coordinate labels on your items. Make sure to be consistent – a room marked “Conference Room A” won’t help your movers place boxes labeled “Meeting Room One”.

Communicate – Plan to communicate, and communicate the plan. If you have a large business, it may even be worth preparing and distributing an Employee Guide that explains the process and employee expectations.

Hire an experienced commercial mover – Not all movers are equipped to handle the requirements of a large retail or corporate relocation. Choosing the wrong mover can cost you time and money if you end up waiting on a company that hasn’t invested in the specialized equipment – A-frame dollies and gondolas, for example – that makes a move efficient.

Gerber Moving & Storage has many satisfied Kansas City commercial move clients that include retail businesses, commercial offices, and even libraries. We also have the experience and resources to help you plan and execute an efficient, cost-effective transition to your new space. Give us a call to learn more: 913-441-8550.