While every move and piano delivery is unique, most fall into the category of fairly “normal”.  A good piano mover will understand and anticipate the usual challenges of stairs, doorways and tight turns and get your cherished instrument where it needs to go, safely.

But what if your move isn’t quite so routine? At Gerber Moving and Storage, we love a challenge. Here are two “Extreme Piano Moves” that we have performed in the Kansas City area.

Antique Grand Piano Delivered to Penthouse

Kansas City Movers deliver a piano with a crane!

Gerber Piano Movers prepare a grand piano for hoisting into a penthouse condo on Kansas City’s Plaza.

What do you do if you need to get an Antique Chickering Concert Grand Piano to a 7th floor penthouse condo?

When a prominent local eye doctor needed his piano moved into the 7th floor of the Historic Ponce De Leon building on The Kansas City Plaza, Gerber determined that the 9-foot Conservatory Grand piano was too large to navigate the building’s service elevator.

So Gerber hired a crane and designed custom rigging to hoist the piano into place through the condo’s balcony doors.


Piano Delivered Through Basement Window

This Gerber Piano Moving customer needed a grand piano moved into their basement, but the stairway to the room could not accomodate the piano’s dimensions. The customer didn’t have a walkout basement, but the creative Gerber crew was able to remove a ground-level window, slip the piano through, then reassemble both the instrument and the window.

Kansas City piano delivery through a window

Gerber’s team moves a grand piano through a basement window

Kansas City Piano Movers deliver to a basement through a window

Gerber crew assembles piano after delivery through a window

Kansas City piano owner

Owner enjoys his piano after Gerber moves it in

Gerber Moving and Storage is trusted by piano sellers and owners throughout the Kansas City area and beyond. If you have a piano move in your future (Extreme or otherwise!) give us a call.